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Farewell London

Hi All,

Well this is my last Olympics 2012 blog... the Games has been an amazing journey, carrying the flag is something I'm still coming to grips with and certainly the proudest moment of my life. It was a dream to meet the young royals in London, Prince William and Kate with my parents. A moment I will never forget.
The closing ceremony was amazing, an unbelievable experience with my Opals team mates and then we came home on the Qantas charter to be greeted by the Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Qantas boss Alan Joyce.... an incredible welcome for the team with family and friends all gathered in the Qantas hanger! I had the honour of leading the team off the plane with back to back gold medallist Malcolm Page.

I didn't expect to be back here after the Olympics but it's great to have a few days with my family at home.... I'm deliriously tired.
Today.... Monday is the home coming parade in Sydney which should be fun, then it's off to Seattle to play the back half of the WNBA season with my team mates at the Storm. Can't wait to get back now.
Then I'm looking forward to arriving back in Canberra and playing with the Caps after the WNBA season ends.

Thank you all for your incredible support throughout the Games. Very proud of the Opals and our bronze medal.

Lauren x

Games wrap up

Hi there my lovelies,

It's been an amazing Games and all of Britain should be congratulated... they should be very proud... and how about their medal count!

It was disappointing to lead the USA in our semi-final and then see it slip away, but we really did take it to them.

Fantastic to end on a winning note and take the bronze medal.

I'm very proud of all the Opals and how we got back up for the game.

I want to thank everyone for their amazing support during the Games both for myself and the team.

Now it's back on the Flying Kangaroo charter with all the Australian Team... thank you Qantas.

Love Lauren x.

London update

Amazing day yesterday and a privilege and honour to meet Prince William and Catherine, with my parents.
Just a beautiful couple.
Still one match at a time for the Opals. Brits so close to winning against France!
Canada tomorrow for the Opals. Thank you for all the support it's appreciated!

Go Australia, Lets go Opals!

Lauren x

Thank you all!

It's just amazing, I can't believe it.
I never dreamt of this happening.
It's the proudest moment of my life to be selected.
Not sure why me. So proud and humbled, and totally overwhelmed.
It's real and I'm going to be waving the flag for all of Australia.

My mum and dad are on a Qantas flight now to London... Qantas are going to tell them the news on board and host them for the Opening Ceremony.

Thank you for all your support.

Lauren. x

We're Ready

Hi Lovelies,

Well we have now completed all our lead up games before the Olympics and the Opals are now all back in the Athletes Village which is great. In our last game against France we had a narrow loss and our 9 game winning streak came to an end. Suzy, Sam and I were rested for this one.

It's almost here now... it will be one day at a time... Opals just concentrating on getting through first week of the competition.

Go Australia, Lets go Opals!

London calling.....

Hi lovelies

Well after a long but pleasant flight with the Flying Kangaroo the Opals were greeted in Sheffield with grey skies and drizzle... a bit cold for summer. We arrived for the Sheffield Invitational... a 3 game pre-Olympic series. We had an opening game against France which we won and I got to play... good start for us. Then we took on Great Britain coached by our former Opals coach Tom Maher. We won that one and that's important as we face them in first game of the Olympic Competition. Game 3 saw us take on Angola and I was rested... another good win by the Opals.

I have just got the Samsung Galaxy 3... loving it! Having trouble putting it down and have been listening to an Albury radio station and feeling like I'm at home... this phone is so cool.  In the village now and rooming with Liz... Village is beautiful and the Brits have it all finished!

Not long  to go in countdown to the Olympics......nearly ready!


Not long to go

Hi there all,

Well not long now before the Opals head off to London…in fact we jet out Monday afternoon from Melbourne. I’m enjoying a rest after our farewell series in Victoria against Brazil. Winning the 3 games was a good result but the most important thing was that we improved each game and really started to find our combinations and chemistry as a team. I think we have a great team mix and we are confident going into the Olympics.

Of course the media all want to talk about our gold medal chances and our great rivalry with the USA. I just want to say that the 3 silver medals the Opals have won at the last 3 Olympics have been fantastic hard earned achievements and medals I certainly cherish. Of course a gold would be unbelievable but rest assured the Opals and myself will leave nothing on the court, but it’s one game at a time focus for us. In London we are in group B with our first game against the host nation Great Britain on the 28th of July. It's sure to be a stadium filled with lots of cheering supporters for the Brits so I hope we have lots of Aussie fans travelling to London to support us!

My week off has been great relaxing at home with my family. It was amazing to watch the State of Origin game 3 with my family and have a barbeque….a real treat for me to be home in Australia for this. Has to be our best sporting event on the Australian calendar…..I’m a very passionate supporter of the Blues, and very disappointed it all came down to just a one point loss. What a game of Rugby League! Next Year…. Go Blues!

My Seattle Storm team has really been on a roll winning 6 of our last 7 games, and the WNBA will soon go into the Olympic break, so I will see many of the WNBA players in London. After the London Games I will head back to Seattle for the back end of the season. Then it's home again to play for the Caps in Canberra in the WNBL.

Hope to hear you cheering in London for the Opals….either court side or watching the coverage in Australia. Very exciting. Go Opals!

Lauren x

Back on home soil

Hi there all... time for another update on the road to London.
Got back into Melbourne last night after a long flight and our Opals pre Olympics European tour.
Always makes me happy to be back on home soil.
We got to play Turkey, Hungary, Czech Republic and Russia.
We had some mixed results but it was great to give some of the newer Opals some court time and see our team coming together for London.

We are getting over our jet lag now in Melbourne and have The Farewell Series against Brazil with a very big game on Sunday afternoon. Going to a busy time with the 3 games and lots of media attention for all the girls. Looking forward to playing Brazil on Sunday! They will certainly have a strong line-up.

Great to see my Seattle Storm buddies take down the undefeated Lynx last Sunday. Sue Bird with 21 points... go girl! So proud!

Take care... .and let me hear you cheering for the Opals in The Farewell Series!


Opals Camp #2 completed

Hi all… well the second stage of the Opals camp 2 is completed and I have a few days off before we head to Europe on Monday night. I’m heading to my home town Albury and then across to the coast for a quick break, then depart Monday night with my Opals pals for some important lead games in Europe. Go Opals!
I’m also thinking of my Storm team buddies in Seattle and wishing them well for the season and have every faith in them and as they come together for the new WNBA season ahead. Go Storm!

This week I managed to fit in an early morning  photo shoot for the Canberra Capitals and it's truly exciting to think that later on this year I will be back playing in the WNBL for the Caps for the 2012-13 season. I will being giving that my very best shot to help get the Capitals back on top but I’m also looking forward to working with the team in the community at grass roots level to encourage and develop our future stars of the court. Canberra has always had a great community spirit and I’m appreciative of the support that has been given to me personally by the ACT Government and the ongoing support to the Capitals over many years. It’s certainly going to be an exciting season ahead. Go Caps!

Lauren x

Lead up to London

Hey there!

Now that I'm back from Spain in Australia ( I missed Oz soooooo much!) I thought I would provide this update. It was exciting for me to meet with Misch last week in Sydney and we decided that in the lead up to the London Olympics I would provide her with some regular updates so you can take the journey with me. So here we go.

It was exciting to win the final Spanish League series with my team Ros Casares in Valencia and then finally head home on a Qantas jet. Catching up with friends and family I'm now taking a short break (I need to chill) before the Opals Camp begins next weekend in Canberra. This will be the first time the Opals have come together this early before an Olympic campaign which should be a real advantage. So I will miss playing for the Seattle Storm in the first part of the WNBA.  The Opals have a farewell series against Brazil, so that's going to be great for us before heading off to London.

Last week I had a very hectic day in Sydney participating with other athletes in the launch of the Australian Olympic Team Opening Ceremony uniform, which was a huge honour for me. I think the uniforms are classy and stylish. After that I had 2 photo shoots…makeup, hair, wardrobe, studio lights etc …. I was very pleased to get home and into my bed after a long day. The next day I chatted with Alan Jones on 2GB and talked about the Opals and our build up to London which was a fun interview.

Best thing is that I'm feeling healthy and strong and after my little break will be ready for the Opals camp.

Take care,


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