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With a growing fan base and a busy schedule, this in-demand Aussie from Victoria is making a name for herself in the US college ranks. On the back of her success with the University of Wyoming, we caught up with WNIT Champion and MVP Hanna Zavecz for a quick word before she makes the day-long journey back home for the Cowgirls tour.

No doubt you've been asked this a hundred times, but we'll make it 101... Has it all sunk in yet?

Yeah it has finally! The first couple of weeeks were a blur and then we had finals, so we've finally got time to relax and let everything sink in.

Have you had a chance to just sit back and reflect with the team?

Yeah we've had a few gatherings since the championship, we hang out a lot in our spare time so we've had lots of time to reflect on the season.

What was it like to play in front of a crazy sea of 15,000 fans in gold?

It was amazing to have 15,000 of our own fans cheering for us, and was definitely the best feeling I've ever felt playing a game.

Do you still get nervous before games?

Yes but not too nervous, just enough to know that I'm thinking about the game.

We've heard reports all season about your back. How's it feeling now?

It's getting there, I have my good days and bad days but I'm going to make the most my time off to rehab.

Back in your freshman season you told us "I just want to make the most of the court time I get". You've certainly done that, and then some. What are your hopes/aspirations for your senior season?

To be more of a leader on the court, to not hesitate, and to play with confidence consistently.

Hypothetically, what would mean more - another WNIT Championship or a spot in the NCAA tournament?

Definitely a spot in the NCAA tournament, we want to have the opportunity to compete at that next level.

It's still a year off, but any post-college plans yet? Will you come back to the WNBL?

I hope so!

The Cowgirls are coming Down Under real soon! What will it mean to be able to play at home with this team?

It will be awesome, I haven't played in Australia for a couple of years and I'm excited that my team will get to experience an international style of play.

Is there a particular part of the Aussie lifestyle/landscape that you can't wait to introduce to your teammates?

The Great Barrier Reef!

Will the tour be 11 days of complete fun and madness? Or will whiteline fever set in on game days?

It will be mainly fun, although knowing my team whiteline fever will definately kick in on game days!

Any plans for the off-season after the tour?

I'll be staying in Aus for a couple of weeks, then I'll head back to the States to get back into training. There are so many parts of my game that I want to work on but my first priority will be getting my back strong so I can make the most of the time that I have to improve my game.

And finally, any advice for other Aussies looking into the US College option?

I think that players should consider college. Coming to play college basketball has been the best move I could have made for my game, as I've had an extra four years to mature and develop as a player. It has also been an amazing life experience, although college isn't for everyone so I strongly suggest to visit a school before signing.

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