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She was over 8000 kilometres from home playing for Samsung's Yongin Bichumi basketball team in South Korea in her first WKBL season - and we were lucky enough to have her on board, filling us in on all the latest happenings.
From her perspective, and in her own words...

Entry #11 - All-Star Game

Hey gals and guys,

Well the All Star game was soooooo much fun, it was not the 3 day promotional trawl that us WNBA darlings are accustomed to, it was more laid-back and most of all it was just a game... lolol... Our team "The South Side" won, just... It looked a bit shaky there for a moment, but we pulled it out.. I got to play with my old Storm team mate Sun Min Jung, brought back some memories.

Shout out to the Caps, especially Graffy for proving she is without a doubt, one of the best ever!!! I always knew that :-D Just glad that she's been recognised.... FINALLY!!!
To Sydney..... Ugh!! I don't know what to say..... Sport is a pretty amazing thing.
The highest of highs, the lowest of lows....

okkkkkkk chingoo.

Entry #10 - Grand Final time

Tip for the game!!!???? I don't have one lol.... It could go either way, I am not game enough to make predictions - I might jinx someone... oops!!

Went bowling with some of my team mates last night, I came dead last... It was baaddd, I got told by the girls that I should stick to ball.. lol... Got to love their honesty!!

My team mates also told me that if I covered up my nose and my mouth I would look Korean!! I thought that was a little far fetched, but hey - Thats what they said!!! lol.....

an nyung...
Enjoy the game....

Entry #9 - Snow's replacement


Well - Yesterday was one of the weirdest games of basketball I have ever played in.. We were playing hard all game but it was one of those games where nothing would go right and Yolanda and her team KB were absolutely killing us. All of the sudden it all changed, lol... Shots started dropping, KB made a few mistakes and we won. Yolanda is playing sooo well, the same with all the imports over here. Speaking of imports, Alana Beard has come over to fill Michelle Snow's shoes with Kumho, hopefully I don't have to guard her.. heheh!!... We have a bit of a break now which is cool, it will give us some time to work on things that we are struggling with.. yay.. The tables have def. turned, we did start out slow but things are starting to look a bit better for Samsung. Well it's time for me to start my day, get things rollin.... lol

ttyl ljxx

Entry #8 - Learning the language

Soorrrryyyy I took so long to write this, I have been pretty busy over here, believe it or not!!! Jan and Mandy were here all week and got to see two games that we played. Fortunately we won both the games, and in the second game we played so well, it was our best game as a team by far. The girls have gone now.... I was sad to see them go. A lot of people over here are commenting on how our team is developing, it really is great to be part of something like this. I am slowly learning a little of the language, which is cool - I picked up on a word that my coach uses all the time and tried to impress my team mates by saying the word, turns out it was a swear word that females are not supposed to use.. I blew that one... lol.... Cracked myself up though!!! We have one more game before the break and the we get a good week off which I am looking forward to. Big game this week in WNBL, I love this time of the year in Australia, I wish I was there.. Well you guys, I must go!!!
luv luv...

Entry #7 - Underground mall

Well not tooo much going on in Seoul right now... We played Yo's team KB a couple of days ago and got a pretty good win, which went down very nicely with the coach as he gave me the day off yesterday. So with the day up my sleeve, I ventured into town... I found the Coex mall somehow and did a great deal of shopping. This mall is massive and it's entirely underground....
Inside the mall is an awesome aquarium which I spent about 2 hours in, marvelling at the size of the fish and crocodiles that they managed to bring in from the ocean and various parts of the world, straight to the heart of South Korea.... underground, in the middle of a mall. It's amazing what people can do these days!! We have 11 games to go until playoffs begin, so hopefully if our team stays on track we will be there. Jan Stirling and our Physiotherapist Mandy arrive today, Yay company!!!


Entry #6 - Ugh


Well tonight was not all that wonderful for Samsung... lol.. We lost by 1 point to Woori Bank... With 3 secs to go, the great Tamika Catchings got her own rebound (from her missed shot) and put it straight back in. Ugh.... The positive out of tonight was that we did not play well, and we were right there the whole time..... You win some, you lose some!!!
WNBL playoffs begin.. yay!!! I am so excited......


Entry #5


Well we have had a few days off since our last game, but of course we have been on the court training which is fun. The last couple of days have been cool, just hanging out with the team mates - we tried to go to a department store yesterday but that lasted about 15 minutes, I have to say I was a tad overwhelmed at the amount of people and the size of the department store...
It was ridiculous. There were about 15 floors!!!! I have never seen anything like it.

I have caught up with one of my friends from Seattle who is also playing ball over here, which is awesome!! It's kind of nice seeing a familiar face around town. The weather here is freezing, yet to see any snow unfortunately - but I am told that it will soon be on its way :-) Otherwise life is as it usually is, flowing along nicely.. lol..

Hit you guys after the game,

Entry #4 - Samsung's win over Shinhan Bank

Just a quick one from Seoul,

We had another win tonight, was great!!!! It's a pleasure playing for this team, really - it makes winning so much more pleasurable when you enjoy the people you are with.... Which pretty much sums up all my teams! I think this is the reason I love basketball so much, it's the people that you meet along the way.. This is cool!!! Win or lose, what an experience....

Talk to you guys soon!!!

Entry #3 - WNBL Finals

Hey everyone,

Just a quick shout out to my two favourite WNBL teams who I have been watching very closely all season.... A big week for the Caps and the Flames.. To the Flames, Dalt you have done an awesome job heres hoping u guys get a home grand final and to the Caps, Graffy mate ur the best.. also done a great job with the girls and TT lead like you always do... I want you guys to get a home final tooooo!!!! Ugh I hate it when my loyalty is split like this.... lol... Either way I believe these 2 teams will meet again soon.

byeeeee :-D

Entry #2 - Australia Day celebrations

Hey there,

Had the Australia Day party today... It was so much fun.. There were A LOT of Aussies there mostly business people but there were a special few interns who I have vowed to stay in touch with, one in particular being a young man who is from Albury which made me laugh - I mean who would have thunk it.. lol

The party was pretty amazing, there was a massive fashion show, a blow up - mechanical surf board that people could ride, lots of little counters that showed off things that us "Aussies" take for granted, things that are readily available at ur local Myer or David Jones!!! Actually it pretty much had everything!!! There were some Aussie musicians doing their versions of all our favourite BBQ anthems and of course lots of VB and Jacobs Creek wines to flow.

All in all, a pretty good way to start Australia Day weekend. My translator was witness to all the fun and games at the party, it was her first taste of the "Aussie culture" and from what I can tell, I think she enjoyed it...
Ugh... now its back to work!!!! lol...

Will hit you from the court,

Entry #1 - Samsung's win over Shinsegae

Ok so I know you have probably heard that we won but here is a brief on the nights events... and the rest of it lol..

1. Katie Feenstra is without a doubt the strongest woman I have ever competed against.... she is a monster in every sense of the word, I get scared when she sets screens on our players.... lolol

2. Our team is getting better each game, of course we have not won many games but like I said we are def. getting better as a team.

3. My team mates are the sweetest, coolest people in the world. Even though we do not speak the same language and shall we say the culture is just a "taddddddd" bit different, my team mates are fun and they make it so much more enjoyable being here.

4. The food is awesome.

5. Bring on Australia Day weekend. Have an invite to party with the Aussie Embassy folks and other important business peops from around South Korea....
Celebration!!!!! Proud to be Australian, especially when we get to share it with the rest of the world... I MISS HOME!!! but I am having a great time over here...

Until next time darlings,
Kum sa ha ni dah, (that's how it is pronounced, I have no idea of the spelling - oh and you guys can figure out what it means :-)) lj xxxxxxxxx

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