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Lauren Jackson Q&A - Part 2

After an arduous 5-game road trip, the Seattle Storm are back home to the familiarity and comfort of KeyArena. Despite getting banged up, Lauren Jackson generously shared some time with the fans to answer more of your questions. Read what she had to say on varying topics including Marilyn Manson, her Mum, and the Caps in this second edition of Q&A with LJ.

First, I'd like to just let you know that to be able to watch you play with the Storm here in Seattle is a privilege that I never take for granted. You are the best! Lauren, I know that there's not much time in your very busy schedule during your summer season here in Seattle, but I was wondering if, in the 6 seasons you've been here have you ever had the opportunity to visit some of the greatest natural wonders of our area like Mt. Rainier; the Olympic National Park with the incredible wild beaches and rain forest; the San Juan Islands? I hope you've had the chance to do so!

Hey, I spend time on the islands a lot whenever we get a day or 2 off!! I have not done much else though. Seattle is such a beautiful city I am so lucky to be here and doing what I love!

there's a survey on the wnba.com about "best teammates" and most of the players mentioned you and sue as the best teammates...any comments? thx....Go Storm!!!

Sue and I play really well together. It's kind of nice to be mentioned in that category, I know we both appreciate it.

Just wondering if you ever got stuck on an island and you were only allowed to choose 5 things what would they be? And do you think that you will probably finish your career with the Caps when the time comes? Good luck in the WNBA.

Yes Caps for sure, that's my home in Australia and I would love to finish it all off there!! I mean that's where it all started...
5 things... My ipod, a good thick book, a basketball, matches and a pillow!!!!! :-D

What was the last book you read and what did you think of it?

I have just finished 3 James Patterson thrillers, the last one being Beach Road which I enjoyed very much!! I am now reading an old book called Toady!!! It's out there, a long read but entertaining never the less.

Hi LJ,
We were so glad you signed on with Seattle Storm again, and for 3 years! WOW. My question is if the Sonics and Storm get sold and move out of the Seattle area at the end of its lease in 2010 will you still play for them?

I don't believe I would resign if that happened... I'm getting older mate!! A relocation would be very sad.

Are you afraid of anything?

Lots of things!!! Big hairy spiders are my worst!

What keeps you driving after all your success and how do you get out of lows to keep going? Congrats on your 35 points. Canberra misses you.

Thanks mate, I guess I remind myself a lot, that sooner or later things get better - You know we work really hard and that's a driver in itself, and then on top of that I have always been fiercely competitive sooooo..... Anyway I miss Canberra heaps too.

What do you think about Erin Phillips in the WNBA and Jan Stirling's comments on her risking a world championships position?

Hey, I think Erin was in a really tough situation - she had a lot of advice from a lot of people but in the end it was her decision and she had to live with it regardless of the consequences. I believe she made the right decision to come over and if she plays well enough, which she is doing, she should have no problems. She is a friend of mine and no matter her decision I would have supported her.

What are our chances for taking out the Worlds? And will Kristi, Suzy and Penny play? GO STORM

I hope so!! I mean the Americans are a power house but we have so much talent too... I want to win sooo badly. I believe those guys will be playing, the team has not been announced yet but I know they have made themselves available.

hey lauren. my question for you is how do you get through all of the pain with your shins? also i really want to say that i really appreciate that you always give me a hi-five after all storm games. i will never not bring the aussie flag for you. i will see you at the next storm game. thanks for your time. hi-five from falon

Hey sweety!!! I know you're awesome, thanks for your support!! My shins are just a part of my life. I have had the pain in them for a long time so I just deal with them and manage them the best I can. See you at the next game... :-)

Hey LJ do u think u will ever bring out your own brand label with your shoes, and clothes and that like the NBA stars? Because that would be wicked and I would own all of it. GO STORM!!

Thanks mate I would love to but Nike have me all tied up at the moment!! Which I am happy with... But keep an eye out for other products that will be released in the near future!!!

Hey Lauren, How do you think the Capitals will go with the new signings of Jessica Bibby and Caitlin Cunningham? Have they got any new signings yet? Do you think they will be a competitive outfit against other teams? Hope you win MVP.

Hey, Thanks mate!! I do think they will be very competitive. You know Carrie is a wonderful coach with so much passion for the game, she still draws things out of me I thought impossible. I am going to miss her a lot as coach I would go as far as saying she's one of the best coaches I have ever had.

Dear Lauren,
Ok well here's the thing... I quit the game 2 years ago because I got ripped to shreds (not literally) after a game by the coaches and my parents after I'd lost the final for the team... ever since then I've just felt so down, every time I saw a ball I'd just feel like playing forever and ever... I miss playing so much. I tried to restart for a new club but I don't know what it is whenever I get on the court with the ball in my hands ready to take the shot, I just automatically see the moment I was in when I missed that exact same shot... lost the game, then I just remember all the things that were said and I can't stand it... I have to leave. I have the best coach who's trying to help me get through it... I've seen psychiatrists but none of them are helping me because they don't understand what I see when I get on the court, how I love the game but then hate it at the same time... I want it back so badly, the feeling I once got when I had the ball in my hands and was able to just let everything go. Once, the court was my freedom, somewhere I went and my problems just all disappeared... but now, I get on the court, and these feeling of emptiness just swamp me and I can't shake it... I want that old feeling back, I want that freedom. Have you got any advice for me?

Hey, WOW!! I'm sorry that has happened to you. Mate I can not tell you how many times in my senior years I have missed a shot or a blockout or something to lose a game!! It happens all the time and you learn from it and you move on. When I was a kid, I guess it was under 14's and I let my team mates down, my parents were sooooo ashamed. They got stuck into me and I felt like a total failure. I have never forgotten that day, the way I felt, the way my parents spoke to me, my head space - but I did learn so much from that moment, I promised myself I would never feel that again... I have let people down since then, I have lost games by missing shots and everything else and I will in the future no doubt, everyone makes mistakes, but I play this game because I love it, I do it to please myself and only myself and when the day comes that I don't love it anymore I will walk away. You need to play with no fear of anything, these moments make you stronger on and off the court.. And basketball is a love, you do it 'cause you love it. remember that!!! Forget everyone that tells you otherwise.

Hey Lauren,
Big congratulations on making the All-Decade team. What an honour. I know you and the Storm have been travelling a fair bit with your away games, but are you cheering on the Aussies at the World Cup? Good luck with the rest of the season, and keep looking after those legs.

Yessssssss, I went to school with 2 of those guys, Marco and Vince so I am def. cheering them on!! I went to the Kangaroo and Kiwi bar to watch the game in Seattle, there were a couple hundred Aussies in the pub at 9am on Sunday morning!!! IT WAS AWESOME... Sad they lost though!!

Many thanks from all the fans for taking the time to hear us out during your busy schedule. Good luck with the MRI and all the best for the rest of the season!

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