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Lauren Jackson Q&A - Part 1

Returning to action after six months sidelined due to injury, Lauren is back in action with the Seattle Storm for the 2011 WNBA season. With the Q&A box re-opened for the first time in three years to coincide with the 'Official fan site' announcement, Lauren offered her time to answer some of your questions... from tattoos to red hair to Vegemite vs Weet-Bix... read on for the answers!

Thanks for doing another QandA with the fans, Lauren. Firstly is London going to be your last Olympic games or do you think you could go another?

Secondly, now that you have been in the WNBA for a while and have mentioned how hard it was when you first came to America, do you take the initiative to keeping in contact with the new Australian recruits to the WNBA and make sure they are settling in?

Finally, come back to Canberra! We miss you!

Hey, I'm not sure if London will be my last Olympics but I will be preparing for it like it is. Four years is a long time between games and there are things off the court I want to do, so we will see.

I try to keep in touch with the younger guys, but it is difficult. The schedule is kind of crazy and you never know where anyone will be unless you are actually playing them. Lizzi and Jenna both seem like they are adapting well. They will have long careers over here.

Lauren this is so exciting and I can't wait to hear about your new exciting plans and visiting Misch's brilliant site to keep up with your games etc.  All last year I wondered if you dyed your hair red to look like 'The Queen of Hearts' and are you able to tell us the story behind her being in the locker room etc.  Congrats on a brilliant year personally and team wise and wish you another wonderful season in 2011.  You are a credit to Australia (and your Mum and Dad of course :) ).

HAHAHAHAHA, The first time I saw that in our locker room last year I cracked up laughing, we did look alike. I always wanted to have bright red hair, and it was just one of those things where I got bored on one of our road trips and did it!! Thanks for the congrats, hopefully this next game we get a good win and start paving the way for another great season.

Hi Lauren, Is that a new tattoo on your right upper arm? may i know what it is? Good luck on the new season. I know you're gonna repeat!! are you planning to change your hair color again this season?? ;P. The red last year eventually looked pretty good. :)

Hey, yeah the tattoo on my arm is a peace sign with a dove flying through it. My hair is going to stay blonde for a little while, but you never know!! I may get bored again!!! 

What do your tattoos say? 
ps. You're fantastic!

The tattoos on my left arm say carpe diem and atonement. Thank you :-)

I don't have a question...I just want to say that I have followed your career since the 2000 olympics and I'm very proud of the way you represent our country and of all that you have so far achieved..also loving the fact that you are on twitter..Congrats on everything and all the best for whatever your future holds.

Thank you very much, I have been very fortunate to have been able to live my dream. 

Hi there Lauren! You are AWESOME!! Truly an Inspirational person & player. :)
Just a few quick Aussie questions for you. Which do you prefer??...

Violet crumble vs. Crunchie
Vegemite toast vs. Weet-bix
Lamington vs. Tim Tam vs. Pavlova
Shrimp off the barbie :) vs. good old Meat Pie
Coopers/VB/? vs. Jackson's Creek.... oppps... Jacob's Creek/Rosemount/?

Goodluck for the season, so excited its back!!
& All the best in London 2012!! :) xx

Violet crumble vs. Crunchie = VC

Vegemite toast vs. Weet-bix = BOTH

Lamington vs. Tim Tam vs. Pavlova = PAV

Shrimp off the barbie :) vs. good old Meat Pie = Meat Pie

Coopers/VB/? vs. Jackson's Creek.... oppps... Jacob's Creek/Rosemount/? = I'm a Savi Blanc girl so Oyster Bay

HAHAHA thank you! 

Dear LJ,
I've been a fan of yours since I was four and I love to watch you play. How much longer do you think you'll be playing? Will you leave the storm?
<3 <3 <3 Rosie

Hey, Ummmm - I'll play as long as my body holds out so I imagine I have a few years left in me yet. I expect I will retire in a Seattle Storm Jersey. This place has become my home and I feel a lot of pride representing them. Thats the main thing I enjoy about being on teams that I have been with for a long time.

Hi Lauren, I recently learned that you’re studying for a psychology degree so you could work with domestic violence survivors after retiring from your basketball career. I now admire you even more since I currently volunteer for a women’s shelter a few days a week and my Masters of Architecture Thesis project was a design for their emergency shelter (their existing one was destroyed by fire).

I’m very curious how and when you became interested in helping domestic violence survivors. In addition, what areas and where would you like to focus your work?

I am working as an Ambassador or Patron if you like, with N.S.W Rape Crisis, and I am doing my BA majoring in Gender Studies. My role will be more of an activists/advocates role in prevention of domestic violence and gendered harms. I am very passionate about it, and learning what I am through University has been fascinating.

Hey Lauren. I don't have a question for you, I'd like to let you know: My name is Karl and I have been following you now for 10 years. The first time I saw you was at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, and I have not stopped following you since. I cannot believe that 10 years ago, you started in Seattle! Time has totally flown by since then. I have also been with you in the heart breaking losses to USA at the Olympics, I honestly believe London 2012 is the Opals year! London is the year for the Opals, so get that gold medal, girls! your fan base is very strong, and even though I am a boy, you are definitely my basketball hero. I would love nothing more than to come to Seattle to watch a Storm home game! To end this off, this site has been so fantastic over the years and I have never met Misch in person, but me and her have known each other for quite a while now and we have been in contact for some time. She really has done an amazing job; and an amazing job for 10 years. I'm glad you've chosen this site as the official one because it deserves it! I'm really sorry this message is so long so I'll end it here. Remember, London 2012 year of the Opals! Karl

Thank you Karl, next year should be a lot of fun.

Thanks for the opportunity for a Q and A. Lauren, you are such a great basketballer and competitor!
In your opinion as captain of the Australian Opal's, what does the team need to work on the most to win a gold medal at the London Olympics?

Well I think we need time to get our chemistry right. As you know we have so much talent with the younger women. We have not had a lot of time to play together or train together, but the preparation will be paramount to our success. Understanding each other and our individual roles is very important and Basketball Australia are doing their very best to keep us together in the lead up to the Olympics.

Lauren, I'm as patriotic as anybody, but next year in London I will be rooting against the U.S. when the Opals play them in the Gold Medal game. It's the last accolade you deserve after your years of dedication. I think I'll have to go down to the Kangaroo and Kiwi for that game.

HAHAHAHAHA, I would never ask an American to root for an opposing country, but it does mean a lot, So thank you. We are going to give it our all!! No regrets.

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