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Between flying to Perth, training at Belconnen in Canberra and relishing in her Seattle accomplishments, Tully Bevilaqua, a 2004 WNBA champion and current Canberra Capitals star, took time out of her hectic schedule to answer questions directed to her by the readers of

(ourWNBL was a fan site run by Shawn and Misch back in 2004)

What is the difference playing for the Capitals in the WNBL vs playing for the Storm in the WNBA? Also, how do you cope with being away from your husband for such long periods of time playing basketball?

Hi Lisa,

The big difference for me is the playing time in the WNBL. In Seattle I was a backup point guard and played about 15 minutes a game but with the Caps it's more like 38. I think I am still getting use to this.

It is very difficult to be apart from my husband for so long but he is very understanding. At least we can talk to each other on the phone whenever we want and that's usually a few times a day at least. We miss each other badly though.

What's it like playing for the Caps with Jenny Whittle after playing for Perth all those years?

Hi Ron,

I am having a great time playing with the Caps and being reunited with Jenny Whittle again. She is a super person and is having a fantastic season to date. It was strange though putting on a different uniform than that of a Perth one but I have no regrets about the change.

My question is what is it like playing with Lennox, Bird, LJ and Vodichkova? I think of all five of you being like TNT, going off and scoring anytime and anywhere. Good Luck in the 2005 season.

Hi Molly,

Playing with the players you mentioned above was awesome. They are such great players but also great people and we had a lot of fun both on and off the court. Everyone had a different style of game but we were able to compliment one another and that's why we won the 2004 Championship. Hopefully we can repeat in 2005.

After you get the champion from WNBA, what would you like to do next step?

Hi Jo,

I plan to go back to Seattle next season and then maybe try my luck at making the Australian team for the Commonwealth Games. Another season with the Caps might be on the cards too if they want me back.

I am 14 and have been to the WNBA championship game along with about 10 others this season & I love the Storm! I have 12 questions for Tully Bevilaqua.
1. What is your favorite basketball moment in history including yourself and not?

Obviously WNBA Champsionship is my favourite moment and the other would be watching Lauren Jackson win her MVP award in the 2003 WNBA season.

2. Who is you basketball hero?

I've always grown up idolising Michele Timms.

3. Who is the best dressed in the WNBA?

My team mate Adia Barnes.

4. Who is the toughest in WNBA?

There are so many tough players it's hard to name one but Lauren Jackson and Lisa Leslie are pretty tough competitors.

5. Favorite/most inspiring Coach?

Guy Molloy was probably the most influential as he was the one who started to really develop me as a player in the WNBL.

6. Fav music?


7. Fav b-ball play?


8. Fav team to watch?

Seattle Storm

9. Fav food?

Lamb Roast with Roast Vegetables...don't forget the gravy!

10. Fav color?


11. Fav movie?

Shawshank Redemption

12. Best teammate so far?

They are all great teammates.

What is your opinion of who should be given the position of Opals Head Coach? (Is it best to stay with Jan Stirling or go for someone new like Carrie Graf, Gary Fox or Karen Dalton?) ?

Hi Sara,

Thanks for your question but I am going to take the 5th on this one and say "no comment".

Tully, in trying to figure out where you get your tenacious style of play from, what sports, if any, did your parents play?

G'Day Bruce,

My Dad played Aussie Rules and Mum played a lot of hockey but I also had 2 older brothers who would beat me up. I quickly learnt how to look after myself and this is where I get the toughness from. Only joking they didn't really beat me was the other way around!!! (hahaha) Seriously though I did play all the male sports growing up and whilst I was a girl they treated me as an equal and this made me stronger.

It seemed that no-one wanted the WNBA Championship more than the Storm. In your experience, is it true that in sports the bigger the desire the greater the achievement?

Most definitely. This will certainly help your team or yourself achieve your goals. You also need a good work ethic and always give 100% effort.

What tools or implements did you have to use to separate the Championship trophy from Lauren's hands?

I just had to offer her a bottle of champagne!!!

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